Unanimous For Murder


Both Black Americans and Native Americans have been repeatedly betrayed by America’s legal system. The murders of five Black men by a well organized confederation of powerful white men on the campus of the Posey County, Indiana courthouse on October 12, 1878 and the beheading of a Black man on the ranch of a powerful white man on the Osage Indian Nation before Oklahoma became a state are intricately intertwined in Unanimous for Murder. The corruption of the justice systems of both jurisdictions has lead to multiple denials of human rights. Judges John Eagleson of Posey County, Indiana and Bernice Spotted Horse O’Reilly of Osage County, Oklahoma must now confront the sins of the past as they attempt to afford closure and justice in the present.



Judge John Eagleson and Judge Bernice Spotted Horse O’Reilly are drawn together by modern circumstances and historic coincidences. They each come to realize the modern-day murders involving their courts in Posey County, Indiana and Osage County, Oklahoma have deep roots in unaccounted for failures by the justice systems of both areas. For today’s open, festering wounds in the legal system to begin healing, long ignored wrongs must be honestly and courageously addressed. Perhaps this much anticipated sequel to the historical novel, JUDGE LYNCH!, can help provide light to the unsolved murders of now and then.


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